Thursday, November 29, 2012

Power Profile: The Indelible Melting Cowboy!

Real Name: Buckaroo Davey (born Buck Davidson)
Age: 35
Occupation: Ranch owner, singing cowboy, performer 
Origin: Famous as the "world's toughest singing cowboy" Buckaroo Davey was also the owner of a cattle ranch. He was working there when an errant government exploder device accidentally crashed onto the property. The radioactive device had the power to melt flesh, but, for some reason, Davey's legendary toughness prevented him from dissolving completely. Instead, it seemed he was regenerating flesh as fast as it would drip off, leaving him in a state of constant "meltocity." Highly radioactive, and billing himself as "The Indelible Melting Cowboy," Davey retained his easy going good-natured  demeanor after the transformation, but the government was less laid back about the situation.  They dispatched special agents to investigate the effects of the exploder device, and the mystery of Davey's incredible regenerating flesh. Now, Melt (as he is known for short) has a different type of cattle on his radioactive ranch; monstrous, hideous insects.They are invaluable for scientific research, and so, he must protect them from the partially melted Dark Bark and his villainous band of crooked cattle rustling mutants, all of whom were wrought from odd side effects caused by the exploder device.
Powers, abilities and weaponry: Melt has super strength, a regenerating healing factor, and the ability to form objects out of pure concentrated radioactivity. (he uses this to form traditional wild west weapons like lassos  and guns) He can also fire blasts of pure radiation. 
Weaknesses: He looks like a big melty gross thing, and can't touch anyone for a prolonged period of time or else they too will melt.
Least favorite type of yogurt: The kind with the crumbly stuff you have to mix in
Favorite Golden Girl: Rose

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Power Profile: Rock N' Roll Porpoise Man!

Real Name: Rocky Avalon
Age: 21
Occupation:  singer guitarist, college student
Origin: Rocky Avalon was just a slacker punk, jammin' by the beach with his swinging combo and avoiding his college classes, until he began boinking the daughter of noted mad Fishologist Professor Zachary Arkoff (who was also secretly the masked pirate known as the Sea Skull). The rock n' roll hating Arkoff was attempting to create a race of subservient fish-men to help him destroy the music he despised and take over the world! He sent one of these mutants to kidnap Rocky so he could experiment on him, and keep him away from his daughter at the same time. The mutant brought Rocky to Arkoff's nefarious skull shaped submarine hideout/laboratory known as the "Skullmarine." There, the mad genius  transformed the confused young man into the first ever human-porpoise hybrid. It had been an attempt to create a more intelligent fishapoid slave. But Arkoff was unable to control his new creation. Rocky's  porpoise intellect, combined with his rebelliousness, and innate  love for obnoxious music, won out. He escaped the Skullmarine and went back to playing with his band, who didn't seem to care that he was now a blue mutant guy. Neither did Crystal, (much to the consternation of Arkoff) Now, whenever the Sea Skull tries to poop the party, he has to deal with Rock N' Roll Porpoise Man! The ultimate hero of the beach!
Powers, abilities and weaponry: Rock has super intelligence, above average strength,can sing well
  and plays a custom made"Six String Ray" laser guitar that can fire "power chords" with actual power.
Weaknesses: He needs to stay moist, and has to constantly drink beer, so his super intelligence doesn't get the best of him.
Favorite type of tuna: the kind with the mermaid on it.
 Favorite Golden Girl: Blanche

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Greetings All!

Welcome future friends, to the Moose Comics universe! This blog is your official place in cyberspace for all of my crazy character creations, including: Rock N' Roll Porpoise Man, The Indelible Melting Cowboy, Prime Eve, Frankenspy, the Robonic Ghost of Mickey Most, Dairy Star, Atom age Hercules, Sateena De Sade, and all their fearless friends and freaky foes! We'll have comics, power profiles, puzzle-fun, coloring pages, naked pictures of famous people* and other...stuff, probably, so stay tuned!
                                                               -your pal,
                                                                                Uncle Nick

                                                                                                       *We may not have those.