Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lefty: The Brawling Hand! : A Closer Look

When Frankenspy needs an extra hand in battle all he has to do is shoot off "Lefty" the brawling hand with a mind it's own. Dr. Frankenstein installed a mini mind in the hand so when Franky fires him off the little guy knows just who to strangle. And while Lefty is off handling a situation, Hunchbat can fly Franky a battle attachment that he can snap on his wrist to make him armed and dangerous.


  1. Oh I love Lefty! I think it is such a fun idea to have a hero that is a wink to the whole Frankenstein story has a detachable hand that can be used for other cool items like weapons and such. I love this and I really want this as an action figure, to say nothing of how cool it would be in a video game.

  2. I imagine in the game he will be able to shoot the hand at a villain as an attack, and it will throttle the villain,doing damage, then Hunch air lifts a weapon to Frank and he does more damage to the villain. That will be awesome in "Super Moose Tournament Fighters" -which will be a fighting game where you can be any Moose character.
    Then say you picked Franky and you had to fight Rock n Roll Porpoise Man-maybe after being deployed, Lefty could actually grab the six string ray from Rock's hands for a minute while you either shot him with a laser attachment, or whacked on him with a battle axe attachment. I love it! I want this game to exist already!
    And of course, the action figures-hell, when I designed all these guys I also drew little pictures of them in blister packs with accessories. I think a lot like you in that respect. Though you haven't shown me your original characters yet, I bet you have an idea of what their figures would look like!

    1. I love how that you got everything mapped out for a video game and action figure line! I think your ideas sound super fun and I would totally play that video game for sure!

      I also hope you one day post images of what the figures would look like in their packages. I think that would be a lot of fun.