Saturday, February 23, 2013

Got it Covered!: Cover For Prime Eve #1

Prime Eve #1 isn't done, but here's a sneak peak of the cover for all you Moose Heads out there!


  1. That is a really nice cover! The coloring really pops and I like the movement. Prime Eve looks super cool and this is just a nice cover! It harkens back to the old school comics. I really like this. You have done an excellent job with this and I really look forward to reading the first issue! Go Nick! You really have some good stuff going on here!

  2. Thanks! The white background is a nod to an old Hot Stuff comic (not as much as the whole other character I have Sateena De Sade is a nod to old Hot Stuff comics in general) so it should look in the spirit of the silver age. No color looked as good as white in the background for some reason.
    I hope I have inspired you to unleash some of your original characters! (besides Vampra-she doesn't count because she is a character you added to an already established universe.)

    1. Well white backgrounds are pretty nice. At least for comics from that age. I think it just worked due to the style. I don't know that it would always work for comics today, though there was that recent MOTU comic that had the image of the sword on the cover and the background was white. It looks pretty cool. And I might get closer to actually showing off characters that are all new and made up on my own. Maybe. lol