Sunday, January 13, 2013

Power Profile: Dairy Star and Dollop!

Real name: Alicia Gullaxi ( Dollop's real name is unkown)
Occupation: Soft serve establishment manager, College Student
Age: 19
Origin: Alicia was your average college student, working a summer job slingin' soft serve at the Cosmo Cream, a local outer space themed ice cream establishment. She was one diligent dairy dame and quickly rose through the ranks to become junior manager. (A"star employee if you will!) Then, one night, when she was by herself closing the store, she was approached by Dollop, the Cosmo Cream mascot. Previously, Dollop was just a statue in front of the restaurant, so Alicia was more than a little star struck seeing him come to life. Dollop told her the truth. It turned out the Cosmo Cream Corporation was set up on earth to find hero types. When Alicia got promoted to manager, it was because the cosmic forces knew she had the heart of a hero, and so chose her to be "Dairy Star!" Whenever she licks a cone of special "Star Serve"  she becomes a super powered, flying, battling babe. The world assumes Dairy Star is a corporate super hero, being sponsored by Cosmo Cream. This may technically be true, but Dairy Star doesn't work so hard just to be a promotional tool. She actually does defend the world against alien attacks, but must pretend to be a sexy spokes-lady.  Even worse, to all her friends, she is just Alicia. No one knows that, when a threat arises, she can become the Ice Cream Queen of the Cosmos!
Powers, Weapons and abilities: After licking the Star Serve, Alicia has virtually limitless powers for a very brief amount of time. She can produce swords, shields, and really anything she wishes from her own thoughts. It is only because of her "Star Heart"( pure good heart) that the forces entrust her with this level of power.
Dollop has no special powers but assists Alicia by providing her with intergalactic information when she needs it most.
Weaknesses: When the power runs out, Alicia must get another lick of star serve. Dollop always attempts to get it to her when she needs it, before her power dies.
Favorite Band: Led Zeppelin (only because I based her on a real girl who's favorite band is Led Zeppelin )
Least favorite food: Anything from Cosmo Cream.

The Six String Ray: A Closer Look

Rock N' Roll Porpoise Man's Guitar is the baddest axe on the planet, but there is definitely something fishy about it! He constructed it himself, in the shape of a Manta Ray, but this ray has more sting than that! (And more strings!) When he wants to rock, he can play it like a normal guitar, but when the Sea Skull shows up to the wreck the party, Rock N' Roll Porpoise Man can blast that skeletal square away with power chords that deliver actual power! All he has to do is turn the knobs to whatever setting he wants, and strum. With his porpoise intelligence, he has enabled  the guitar with super blast-o settings. He can alter these settings at any time, but if he wants, he can shoot everything from harmful laser rays, to a super butter sauce ray that really pisses off Johnny Lobster.Some critics complain that Rock isn't all that talented because all he plays is power chords, but you try playing a guitar with those flipper hands of his! Plus, those same philistines would think twice about putting down his skills if Rock had the Six String Ray aimed their way!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Power Profile: Atom Age Hercules!

Real Name: Herbert Henderson
Also Known As: Hercules Henderson, Atomic Teenage Hercules
Age: 17
Occupation: High School student
Origin: Herbert Henderson was a 98 pound weakling , until he came upon an ad from "Science Myth Laboratories" in the back of a comic book. It was advertising an "Atomic Hercules Belt with Expandable Manacles of Might and Power Pack" that was  "guaranteed to bulk you up with atomic energy at the push of a button!"  As it turned out, "Science Myth Laboratories" was run by Damien Zeus, the great grandson of the human scientist ancient Greeks thought to be the ultimate God, Zeus. In actuality, the Greek Gods and  mythological monsters were all results of Zeus's scientific experimentation. The original Hercules became mighty as a result of a chemical steroid that eventually drove him to insanity. Now, in modern times, the new Zeus was trying to find a muscle expander using atomic energy. Herbert ordered this invention and it worked. With the apparatus, Herbert became a herculean muscle man. Zeus thought this was all just an experiment, and that when the power pack's energy depleted, Herbert would just go back to normal, but he soon found he had to enlist his help. At the time, there was only one manufactured power pack, so Herbert was the only one able to battle Melissa Dusa, a psychotic lady scientist who transformed herself into a gorgon. Zeus had to recharge Herbert's power pack, and now,  this former wimpy kid has the might of Hercules, and the trials to match!
Powers, weapons and abilities: Herbert becomes Herculean by pressing a button on the side of his belt. The belt is connected to the power pack strapped to his back, which, in turn, is connected by tubes to the expandable manacles on his wrists. The more times he pushes the button, the more energy flows through to expand his atoms, and make him larger. In his Herculean form he can jump extreme distances, punch through brick walls etc. And his strength grows every time he presses the button. He is also provided with advanced weaponry from Science Myth Laboratories.
Weaknesses: If he pushes the button too many times, he will be driven to madness (like the original Hercules) even though he will be enormous. Plus, the atomic energy could make him chemically unstable.
Favorite Sandwich: Gyro
Favorite Actors: Kevin  Sorbo, Steve Reeves

Friday, January 11, 2013

A Moose Mini-Comic: Joey Banana One-pager

Every now and again I like to provide you Moose-heads with a bite sized page long mini-comic to whet your appetite so,here's our pissed off pal Joey Banana in Pineapple Surprise! (it makes sense if you know "Pineapple" is slang for grenade) bon appetit!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Power Profile: Joey Banana!

Real Name: Joe Bannon 
Occupation: Ex-cop, soldier of fortune, vigilante 
Age: 40
Origin: Joe Bannon was a good cop, until he got caught defending the public during an alien invasion. He was only trying to help innocent bystanders, but he ended up getting blasted by a special ray developed by the alien forces. Normally, this may have killed Joey, but this was no ordinary death ray, and these were no ordinary aliens. They were the different-colored space apes, a race of extraterrestrial gorillas bent on dominating mankind. These simians didn't just want to enslave the people of the earth, they wanted to preserve them as a food source. And everyone knows how much monkeys like bananas. Gorog, the leader of the different-colored space apes had developed a Banana-izer ray that could turn the head of a human being into a banana for the extraterrestrial apes to feast on. Although their invading forces were beaten back, the Banana-izer did zap Joe, and transformed his head into a giant banana.Understandably, Joey was upset by this. Now he has a banana for a head and a thirst for vengeance. Though the banana head had driven him to insanity, and his over-the-top violent tactics against criminals got him kicked off the force, causing him to go into work as a bounty hunter, he still has a moral compass. He mostly just kills bad guys, but he also has a vendetta against monkeys, apes, gorillas, and simians of all types. So, lock up your zoo gates, and run screaming if you are a criminal! Joey Banana is coming for you! And don't ever call him a fruit!
Powers, Abilities and Weaponry:Mostly just weaponry. Joey is an insane, banana-headed man who has a lot of weapons.
Weaknesses: Monkeys. apes. gorillas etc. All simians piss him off.
Least Favorite Ronald Reagan Movie: Bedtime for Bonzo
Least Favorite Video Game: Every single Donkey Kong game.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Power Profile: The Robonic Ghost of Mickey Most!

Real Name: Mickey Most
Occupation: Millionaire, super genius
Origin: James Most was a millionaire inventor, and head of Most Robonics, a corporation specializing in the production of human-like robots, as well as other advanced technology. His son, Mickey, got the family's genius gene, and, at a young age, was able to make robots as well as his father. However, when Mickey was 16, his father was murdered under mysterious circumstances. The company went to Mickey's unscrupulous Uncle Allister Most. Mickey was suspicious of Allister's agenda, thinking he was providing robonic technology to the criminal underworld. Though Mickey wanted to do something about this, he had to act covertly. Having an interest in the occult, he used his financial resources to acquire a pair of elusive voodoo soul rings.The rings were used by voodoo practitioners to transfer their souls into effigies (wooden replicas of themselves) so they could attack enemies without getting hurt. Mickey was able to use his technological skills to build a better effigy, a robonic replica of himself. But, because it looked like him, he had to cover it with his his secretly developed "spectral alloy," a substance that cloaks anything it covers in a misty glow, rendering it invisible to anyone without special "ghost goggles," made specifically to see through the haze.With one soul ring on the finger of his robonic double, and one on one of his own, Mickey can transfer his essence into his super-charged invisible duplicate whenever he wants. Though he may not be able to take on his uncle on his own, Allister now has to deal with the Robonic Ghost of Mickey Most!
Powers, Abilities and Weaponry: The robonic body Mickey transfers his soul into has super strength, can fly, and has a virtually limitless array of special technological tricks it can employ. For example, it can extend its arms, shoot rays, and transform various body parts into weapons. Also, as previously stated, the spectral alloy makes him appear as a ghostly haze to those not wearing special goggles. 
Weaknesses:When Mickey transfers himself into the robonic double, he leaves his own body soulless, and, therefore, evil. Mickey didn't know about this side effect until after he used the rings.He just thought his body would be unconcious when he left it. But now, he has to lock up his active, and very evil, self when he goes on adventures as the ghost. Otherwise, he has to fight himself. And if his body dies, he dies. He can never go back to it. 
 Favorite Cereal Mascot: Sonny The Coco Puffs Bird, BEFORE he stopped wearing his striped shirt.
Least Favorite Cereal Mascot Enemy: Squish the Sogmaster, giant cereal-hating robot enemy of Capn' Crunch.