Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rock N' Roll Porpoise Man #1-part 1


  1. Wow you have put a lot of work into this! I love the song he sings and that he loves Crystal even though her dad does indeed, suck. There are a lot of fun dynamics going on. I can't wait to read more! How long does it take you to put something like this together? I don't remember if I have asked you that or not before.

  2. Actually the story I have had written for a long time. Like you had the Search For Honor story written in your notebook. But, I didn't start drawing this book until last summer. I could have finished more of it by now, but I started putting the blog together and working on the other characters -and then I kept recoloring and re-inking the pages I had done of this issue-and every time I changed a little thing I had to re-scan and re-color.Now I know what I want it to look like after the trial and error, so I can churn this stuff out much quicker.
    I think you will be excited for what I have planned for Crystal. She doesn't stay a side character for the whole series. I had originally envisioned her as a hero called "Laser Crystal" and she also had a guitar weapon that shot lasers. She had sort of a Jem vibe for her. But I wanted to introduce her in RnR Porpoise Man because I loved the color scheme and the way she looked with him. But I may still do a spin off or a mini-series where she gets to star. If nothing else, I am planning a section on my upcoming website called "Moose Comics Presents" that will be sort of an anthology title that features a different minor spin-off character as the focus of every issue, and some new characters that I want to try out. I could put a Crystal solo story in there for sure.